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gift wrap service


Have your gift wrapped and shipped directly to your mama-recipient or to yourself to hand-deliver.

Our "happy" gift wrap option entails newspaper-type wrapping paper in fun patterns, polka dots and stripes in colorful watercolors!  

"Graceful" delights with tiny flowers, lace, burlap and subtle details most feminine.; it also includes an option for storks delivering baby girls and baby boys!

"Seasonal" is mama's choice; suited for Easter, St. Valentine's, St. Patrick's, Solstices, Equinoxes, All Hallow's Eve, Christmas, and more!

"Surprise me" is also mama's choice but more general; not necessarily associated with any particular holiday or season.  Mama's default gift wrap is brown craft paper, twine, and a "Bodhi Leaf Mothering" seal.  Topped with our signature *bambu hemp mama twine* in coordinating colorway it's sure to delight!  

*Pricing is $5 per item unless all "gift" items fit inside one box and are shipped to one address.  Charges will apply to additional items in additional boxes and/or multiple shipping destinations.  Please contact mama@bodhileafmothering.com for questions and concerns.   

*these sheets are pre-cut so not all items will "fit", however, I do my best and I'll let you know if I run into a snafu! 

**I love to procure delightful, unique, and special gift wrapping supplies.  My promise is that your recipient will *feel* the love in each fold, each tuck, each twist of every bow.  I take great joy in delivering exquisitely simple gift packages.  xoxo, mama

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