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Birch Wood Scoop

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Known as the "giving tree," Birch trees and their wood are associated with new beginnings, creativity, courage, beauty and tolerance.
The beautifully simple style of these cups make them a wonderful and meaningful gift.
Use with warm or cool food and beverages; perfect for tiny hands and mouths!
This scoop style cup has a sturdy handle with a hook on the end.  
It can be used to scoop rice/beans/sensory items or as a coffee scoop for big people!  (Holds 10 Grams/2 Teaspoons) - Product Size: w4.92" h1.38" d1.97"


And see our birch cups on leather cords as depicted in last photo:

Medium Cup here

Tiny Cup here

Note: Handcrafted from all natural materials, each item will have its own unique characteristics.

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