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bambu straws - set of 6



If you are grasping for straws, then replace disposable straws with natural bamboo straws. No inks, no dyes, no more throw-away straws. Our reusable bamboo straws are durable, beautiful and cut from nature. 

Juice, ice tea, smoothies or cocktails, kombucha, whatever yours or your kids' favorite drink, a bamboo straw completes it. It's like drinking from nature. And we've included a handy cleaning brush to wash them out for years of use.

Reusable. Biodegradable. And back to nature. 

8 1/2" - Set of 6 + cleaning brush (long)

5 3/4" - Set of 6 + cleaning brush (short)


We first discovered bamboo straws when a small outdoor cafe in Bali served Mango smoothies with a bamboo straw. We spent months looking for the right source. Not too big. Not too small. Uniformed. We finish these in our workshop to be sip ready. 


Please note - some batches are more tan and others more green.  This reflects the natural beauty of bamboo and does not affect their use or efficacy.  

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