Celebrate Motherhood
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vision in gestation

Bodhi Leaf Mothering was originally created as a means to raise capital for a larger vision.  I will share this vision with you, but first, I have to say that gathering these lovely items, speaking with manufacturers, uploading each image and description - it has been nostalgic for me and I look forward to sharing every.single.item with love, a prayer, and a blessing for the little one in whose arms it finds a home.    


Now, onto this vision... it includes [but is most certainly not limited to]:  


*A niche children's bookstore that provides little ones and their caretakers with a "Stay-cation" via themed reading nooks, an intentional selection of high quality children's books, and more!  


*A Mothering Arts Postpartum Support Circle {copyrighted}  


*Babywearing, Cloth Diapering, Positive Parenting Workshops  


*Classes and resources for learning about the medicinal uses of herbs, essential oils, and homeopathics for the childbearing year, infancy, and childhood.   


*Tea Time Poetry   *Reading Circles   *Sewing, Crochet, and Knitting Classes for children and teens


*Meditation for Children with an emphasis on helping those with learning and behavioral challenges to cope with the use of Mindfulness, Intentional Emotional Intelligence applications, bodily awareness and movement  


*Blessingway Event Planning 


*Literacy-Based children's birthday parties  


*Organic, vegetarian snacks  


*Pop-up workshops on Meal Planning, Finding your rhythm in the home, and more.... there is so much more!  


By purchasing these fine goods you are supporting me - as a woman, an entrepreneur, a mother, and a friend.  And I am very grateful.    

If you feel led to make a donation in lieu of a purchase, please email me and we'll come up with a way for me to express my gratitude!  mama@bodhileafmothering.com  

If you feel that you have a talent, an idea, or a suggestion that would compliment this vision and are interested in more information or simply want to share please contact me at mama@bodhileafmothering.com


Want to help in more ways?  

Of course you do!  

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