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special order items & instructions

There are many, many lines of goods that I cannot keep stocked for multiple reasons. That doesn't mean you can't order them, though!

For starters, any brand on my site is accessible.  This means if I sell Earth Mama Angel Baby teas (and I do) and you want one I don't carry I can get it!  And I will get it for you!

Furthermore, I have *access to* lots of items and lines that I don't stock; you just have to inquire!  An example of that is Young Living.  I sell YL but I don't keep stock of every-single-oil in my warehouse!  So, just ask!  Another example is Under the Nile.  I carry UTN *toys* but I can *get* UTN clothes, too!  

I also have accounts with Engel, Disana, and Cosilana; but I don't stock every item of apparel these 3 companies make; no one does!  However, I can special order anything you need [probably, maybe, within season and dependent upon factory inventory abroad] just ask!

Same goes for books.  I can get ANY BOOK from Steiner Books, Floris Books, Hawthorn Press, Michaelmas Press, Reg Down, and Gold Blossom Books.  Just email me!

love, mama