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‌◐  How does one pronounce "Bodhi"?
◑  BŌ-dē

‌◐  What does it mean?  
◑  Bodhi is a Sanskrit name meaning "enlightenment" or "awakening" which relates to a Buddhist concept, wherein Bodhi is synonymous with the state of nirvana, being freed from hate, greed and ego. The Bodhi tree is a large fig tree, also called a Peepal tree, under which the founder of Buddhism received enlightenment {according to legend}. Bodhi trees are known for their prominently displayed, large, heart-shaped leaves.  

‌◐  Why did you name your site "Bodhi Leaf Mothering"
  Mama Abby is a mother to 4 little ones.  The youngest (for now) is named, Bodhi.  The rest is history (in the making)...

‌◐  Why do you have scripture on your site?
  I am a Christian.  I believe the Bible is the Word of God.  I believe God's grace and forgiveness, his love and companionship, are gifts to us.  My life is enriched by His presence.  I am able to forgive because I am forgiven.  I am able to find joy because I am grateful.  Want to know more about Christianity?  Visit Focus on the Family.

◐  Why wood?  Why Artisan?  Why Heirloom?
◑  Author, Amy F. Ogata, answers the "Why wood" question in this way:

"...wood became the material symbol of timelessness, authenticity and refinement in the modern educational toy." {she further argues that wood} “is a familiar and poetic substance, which does not sever the child from close contact with the tree, the table, the floor. Wood does not wound or break down; it does not shatter, it wears out, it can last a long time.”

◑‌  Debresk Wood Toy company explains things this way:

Quality and living materials

Toys have to be something you want to take care of, something to protect so that it will not be damaged. In relationship to the things the child plays with it develops its relationship to the world. Let the children play with living materials, materials with life have to be taken care of. In this way we can help our children to grow up in a world worth taking care of!

Pedagogical toys

A toy is pedagogic so far as it stimulates the fantasy and the creativity. It must cultivate in the child, an appreciation of beauty and convey an impression or knowledge about the world. Our intention is to contribute to a balance and harmony between the different senses and the intellect by the growing child, when it plays with the smoothly shaped, natural colour wooden toys.

Wear and tear and throw away

It has also been our intention to contribute to a world where less “wear and tear and throw away" culture reigns, with its environmental and human destruction.

We hope and predict that mass produced cheap plastic toys in the long run will disappear out of the trade.

In the future the watch word out of necessity have to be; Quality!

Debresk – Toys to take care of –

◐   Where can I learn more about.. babywearing, natural living, homebirth, homeschooling, homemaking, rhythm, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, postpartum support, postpartum depression, etc?
◑  Fortunately, we live in a world where information is easy to access.  Unfortunately, deciphering which information is *best* or *true* or *fitting* is not so easy!  I believe the short answer is that best, true, and fitting may vary from mama to mama and family to family and even from child to child within a single family.  That said, there ARE absolutes when it comes to co-sleeping safely, baby-wearing safely, fitting babe to carseat safely.   For all the other topics, the hot-topics, the emotionally charged topics - stay off the forums!  Don't fight.  Simply do your research, talk to your spouse, then find like-minded support when you discover what resonates with you.  If breastfeeding is your thing, hire an IBCLC.  Attend a La Leche League meeting.  You want a natural birth?  Be prepared!  Hire a DONA certified Doula.  Interview your care provider.  Not sure what kind of birth experience you're looking for?  Start here:  Henci Goer; Informed Choices in Childbirth

◐   What is Waldorf Education?  Who is Maria Montessori?  Is Charlotte Mason the only-ever-female member of a secret society Masonic lodge?  
◑  One day I'd love to blog about all this goodness but for now I'm content knowing there are other folks spreading the love about all the things that I also love!  

Check it out:

For Waldorf Education and Rudolph Steiner Information, go to AWSNA.

For an excellent read about bringing Waldorf philosophy into your home, read Waldorf Education:  A Family Guide  and Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

For information about Maria Montessori and Montessori education, see the American Montessori Society

If you're interested in applying Charlotte Mason's incredible insights into your life and home, there are 3 priceless resources that I rely on consistently.  In alphabetical order:
Ambleside Online
Charlotte Mason Help
Simply Charlotte Mason

For more recommendations, affiliate links, and free resources, see Latched On to Mama

◐  How did you choose your product lines?
◑  My site is filled with collections that I've curated by hand to bring usefullness, beauty, and joy into my life.  I hope it does the same for you and yours.  For more on the journey up the Bodhi tree, see my favorites page.  

◐  How do I contact Mama?
 Simply, belly on up or email directly from your outbox to my inbox mama@bodhileafmothering.com

◐  How do I care for my wood products?  wool?  etc.
◑  For wool, silk, cotton, and basic laundry care see our Lavenderia Collection.

◑  For wood care, use your choice of cleaning solution diluted appropriately; this can be bleach, vinegar, Thieves™ All Purpose Cleaner... Do NOT soak, simply wash, rinse well, and set out to dry.  The sun is a natural and easy way to speed up the drying process. For your wood dining products a light, hand-applied coat of coconut/avocado/olive oil is a good choice.  And Bambu™ makes their own product called Bamboo Goo™ which has an extended shelf life.  

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