Celebrate Motherhood
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who is bodhi

Bodhi is a leaf.  Bodhi is a tree.  Bodhi is enlightenment.  Bodhi is a baby.

More specifically, Bodhi is the fourth of five little whippersnappers. This little brood is the heartbeat inside all of Bodhi Leaf Mothering. Together with Condor Uzi, Hummingbird Zephyr, Roadrunner Zion, & Baya Zaim, Bodhi Zafro represents what mothering is to me.    

This store is my way of sharing some of the goods that have accompanied my own mothering journey.  For all the times someone has asked for my thoughts on natural remedies, wool, slings, toys, dolls, books, teas, amber necklaces, games.... these are my answers, or at least some of them.  And I'm delighted to share them with you!    

ps In the meantime, I am working on some certifications that will enhance my mothering journey AND yours.  Keep in touch because when I am able I'll add a blog, a recipe-sharing page, links to my most beloved resource sites - heck, I may even tweet and what-not!  ;-)   

All my love, abs 

The sweetest sounds to mortals given
Are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven.
~William Goldsmith Brown