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unicorn clean

In a kingdom not so far away...

A family alpaca farm in Virginia invented a scour that held the power of a Fairy Godmother's wand. A wash that cleaned deeper than any wicked stepmothers insults, while being gentle and mild as woodland creatures. And a conditioning rinse that Mirror Mirror declared the Softest One of All. And the peasants rejoiced and all the magical woodland creatures danced. Princesses burst into song, and fairy godmothers put their magical wands away. Because UNICORN was back on the earth.

And then everyone lived, and cleaned, happily ever after. 

Unicorn products are 

  • allergen free
  • nut free
  • SLS free
  • animal free, certified Vegan
  • gluten free
  • fragrance free *Classic Line is scented with naturally derived essential oils, Beyond Line is completely fragrance free.
  • evil spell free 

The Unicorn Beyond Line and the Unicorn Classic Line have the SAME GREAT FORMULA and differ only in scent:

Unicorn Baby Beyond Clean/Beyond Fibre Wash/Beyond Soft = Unscented

Unicorn Power Scour/Fibre Wash/Fibre Rinse = Mild Lavender Scent

Classic Scent Line: Anionic and Nonionic cleaning agents, fragrance. Contains no bleach additives, phosphates, fillers, enzymes, or stripping agents.

Fragrance Free {Beyond} Line: Anionic and Nonionic cleaning agents. Contains no bleach additives, phosphates, fillers, enzymes, or stripping agents. 

Fibre Rinse/Beyond Soft:  Contains a blend of cationic fiber / fabric softening agents.