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under the nile

Under the Nile Toys are Special & Fun

Under the Nile’s Guarantee: Our uniquely handcrafted toys are made and stuffed with 100% certified Egyptian organic cotton. All toys are tested and meet strict CPSA and European standard requirements.

Pure Inside & Out

Baby toys stuffed with 100% organic cotton

  • We are one of a handful of companies that not only make, but stuff their toys with certified organic cotton.

  • Many so-called organic toys are actually filled with polyester stuffing known as fluff - a synthetic made from coal and petroleum derivatives, which can cause respiratory problems in babies.

Every Story has a Beginning

Our toys begin in Egypt, where the cotton is grown and manufactured in SEKEM’s Fair Trade Certified facilities, where a high value is placed on workers' health, education and safety.

We're proud of our connection with SEKEM, an award-winning Egyptian organization whose programs support environmental health, along with cultural and economic development.

Each Toy Has a Story

Our handmade toys are fun, educational, and made to be treasured.