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bodhi leaf mama favorites

I started this site as a way of sharing the products I use in my home; the ones I keep in my car, the ones I give to pregnant friends, the ones I recommend when someone asks my opinion.  As requested, I've put the original favorites into a collection of their own.  

Since my first child was born in 2007, I've bought tons of ridiculous, unnecessary items and lots of amazing ones, too.  My most favorite goods are functional and beautiful and loved by my littles.  I try to find environmentally-friendly goods made from renewable material when I can.  And while you could potentially purchase a lesser quality item made of inferior materials for a cheaper cost, please bear in mind it's longevity and craftsmanship before making your decision.  

My 4th child is currently playing on the same lambskin my first child laid on, chewing on the same teething doll and being worn in the same ring sling.  That's 9 YEARS of use and more to come...  It's true! 

Please feel free to contact me  with any questions, suggestions, or thoughts. 

love, "mama" abby

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